I’m having a pampering evening

I have been in the habit for a few months to give me, from time to time, a cocooning party just for me. Yes it is possible ! And it’s even highly recommended for the morale of the troops. So you put your guilt in a drawer with your WonderWoman costume. And you take this time to do yourself good. You are worth it, no?

You prepare the subsistence and you delegate to your dear and tend the rest. Ridding the table, feeding the dog, answering children who have a stomach ache, thirst, fear of the dark, want a kiss … he will manage. This is YOUR cocooning party and you must not be disturbed under any circumstances. It’s still not the sea to drink!

That’s it, are you ready? So let’s go. I gave you a little simple program, but which will relax you intensely …


Cocooning in the bathroom
  • A dim light

Candles are lit and placed around the bathtub. They create a pleasant and calm atmosphere. And it’s more fun than the spots no?

It’s time to take out your foaming products, your bath salts or other scents of water. If you do not have one, do not panic, you just put in your bathtub coarse salt (500 grams is a minimum) and pour the hot water. Salt has multiple virtues, including relieving fatigue, removing impurities from the skin and soothing irritation.

  • A moment to you

Do what you want: a shampoo, a hair care, a body scrub, a facial scrub (see my 10 ideas of natural scrubs ) … the goal is to take the time to pamper yourself! Or just close your eyes and let go …


Cocooning in the room
  • A comforting drink

We hydrate ourselves with a hot drink: tea, chocolate … take time and enjoy your favorite drink. Be careful, no caffeine, no caffeine and even less alcohol (not there!).

  • A body care

It’s the perfect time to hydrate your body. Take the super cream that you bought 3 months ago and you never had time to put (you know what I mean …). If you do not have cream, do not hesitate to use a vegetable oil. As you massage, think about every part of your body and the good that you do yourself.

  • A facial treatment

We opt for a ready-to-use mask or a cotton mask that we will let act. This is the perfect time to read a few pages of your favorite book or just to do nothing and enjoy the moment. After your mask, apply your care for the night.

  • A good night

Now that you have taken care of yourself, you are perfectly relaxed. Problems at work or at home seem lighter and you are less stressed at the thought of the day ahead. It’s perfect. I wish you a beautiful night!

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