Anti-cellulite challenge: # 1 But why me!

We will not escape about cellulite! As usual, this damn orange skin is one of the magazines, at the same time it shows us fashion canons without any imperfection … We were cheated! All women would not have these small (even large) bumps on the hips and thighs (sometimes also on the arms, stomach …).

But why me? Before depressing in front of your mirror and rushing to the pharmacy to buy the last product “-15 cm” in 2 days (lie …), listen what I have to tell you.

Cellulite: discrimination!

No introduction to this paragraph: men are almost never affected by cellulite . Yes, it’s not fair. They have less fat on their thighs and their epidermis is thicker. So we find ourselves between women, cool no?

To those who think that cellulite is especially the case of people overweight. It’s wrong ! Small women can be affected too. I am living proof ! Cellulite in fact, it is a big family where we find all the weights and all the morphologies.

So why ?

There are many factors that can explain this problem:

  • Hormones  : mainly estrogens, which are often at the origin and which aggravate it.
  • The genes  : the distribution of fats, the predisposition to the problems of circulation, are all genetic factors which contribute to the formation of the skin of orange. Thank you grandma and mom!
  • The lifestyle  : no sport, slim jeans, stiletto heels, a whole day spent sitting behind a desk greatly increase cellulite and block the good venous circulation. Stress is also to be taken into account because it will act directly on our hormones and slow down the evacuation of toxins.
  • Food  : too many fats, sugars, salts and too little fiber or good protein and hop! We store without noticing.

Once again, we will not feel guilty! The important thing is to realize at a given moment that the body sends us signs. The orange peel has absolutely nothing serious, except that it is not aesthetic. Our body tells us that there is a malfunction . So let’s act!

How does it happen?

When our beautiful system derails and our body makes too much fat, fat cells get bigger. So much so that they literally compress the blood and lymphatic vessels. Result: poor drainage of water and toxins.

The collagen fibers of the skin degenerate. Added to water retention, this phenomenon is responsible for the orange peel.

And now what do we do? Simply drain, unclog, restart the system! Many naturopaths and aromatherapists propose a method based on three main pillars: a diet adapted of essential oils targeted and the lymphatic drainage massage .

There are many other methods and opinions on the subject! Of course, if your cellulite is serious and in case of doubt, I obviously invite you to consult a specialist.

My goal in this challenge is to experiment with this program and share the results. Do not miss the next items and the next step: dry brushing the skin.


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